If we are serious about defending liberty and advancing
free market principles, we must make Frederick Douglass an
integral part of our message.



LibertyMESSENGER USA™ has designed and implemented proven engagement strategies that have achieved overwhelming success—inspiring people to embrace the importance of a free and prosperous America.

So, how does LibertyMESSENGER USA™ re-ignite America's passion for Liberty? We empower the "Friends of Freedom" to better articulate their passion for liberty and free market principles with their family members, friends and fellow citizens, in ways that are neither condescending or confrontational. And, most importantly, we start with the great LibertyMESSENGER . . .

Frederick Douglass is the common ground upon which the American Dream is undeniably demonstrated. The principles of liberty and prosperity that Douglass lived are as clear and meaningful today, as they were when people were inspired by his speeches and writings, more than a century ago.

Frederick Douglass' Life-Empowering Values provide the common ground that all Americans can learn from and agree upon.

Our quest ...

At LibertyMESSENGER USA™, we promote the values of liberty and free market enterprise. We advocate for policies that will unleash our free society and expand opportunity for all Americans—removing the shackles preventing individuals, especially the disadvantaged, from pursuing their dreams.

Frederick Douglass' writings and speeches about economic prosperity, free speech, liberty, education, work ethic and more, are just as compelling and necessary today as they were when he wrote and spoke about them over 120 years ago.

The success principles that worked for a SLAVE will also work for a FREE person. Here are a few of the Life-Empowering Values which Frederick Douglass skillfully expressed and passionately embraced, allowing him to rise from SLAVE to STATESMAN and from POVERTY to PROSPERITY:


The Life-Empowering Values of Frederick Douglass

Help EMPOWER the Friends of Freedom

Through a game-changing engagement philosophy, Conservatives can drive the narrative and better articulate a unifying language of liberty and the importance of free market principles.


America's very existence is in jeopardy. With our inaction, we have allowed the blessings of liberty to slip away and they may soon be irrevocably lost. LibertyMESSENGER USA™ offers two active sponsorship opportunities and many levels of involvement—from LibertyMESSENGER Sponsor, to Charter Sponsor, with it's tiered level approach. We have the MESSAGE and the MESSENGERS, we ask you to provide the means!  Your contribution helps our nationwide LibertyMESSENGERS to build bridges of shared values that connect all Americans. Become a sponsor—time is of the essence.

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