“The height of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.”    —Albert Einstein

The results of the 2018 mid-term election unmistakably revealed that Conservatives must do things differently to win the messaging war. The radical Left and the mainstream media constantly paint Conservatives as racists─discrediting and demonizing them before they get a chance to speak. Playing the race card to frame the narrative and silence Conservative voices, the Left always keep Conservatives on the defense; therefore, minimizing their ability to connect with people. All you have to do is say the word “conservative” and you’ll be immediately called a racist or a sellout.

In the past, Conservatives have had no response when the “race card” was played against them, that is, until now. The Frederick Douglass Republican (FDR) Engagement Strategy is the offensive strategy Conservatives have long-awaited. Anyone may become a “Frederick Douglass Republican” because it’s not about COLOR; it’s about VALUES. It is based on the diversity outreach ministry of the Apostle Paul and the Life-Empowering Values™ of the Great Liberty Messenger, Frederick Douglass. A few of these values include: (1) Respect for the Constitution; (2) Economic prosperity; (3) Legal immigration; and (4) Free speech. These universal principles have successfully won the narrative and re-ignited America’s passion for Liberty with tens of thousands.

The phrase “Frederick Douglass Republican” is an oxymoron. Therefore, it produces a puzzling, yet engaging effect. It creates a mystery in the listener’s mind so he or she becomes curious and wants to know more. This is the moment the narrative is won, trust is created, credibility is established and a relationship is formed.

Here’s how the strategy works: When politics comes up, I ask, “Are you familiar with Frederick Douglass? Regardless of the reply, I respond genuinely by saying, “I hold Frederick Douglass in very high-esteem. I’m far more than a Conservative. I’m a Frederick Douglass Republican and I share the life-empowering values of Douglass.”

We’ve just finished developing a mobile app entitled, FRIENDS OF FREEDOM. A “pocket advisor”, the app provides you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to articulate the conservative message in ways that resonate with people—winning the narrative and turning confrontations that Conservatives face, into conversations and teachable moments. The app is regularly updated with fresh content, based on current events, to help Conservatives refute the Left’s never-ending false rhetoric.

The FRIENDS OF FREEDOM app is now available for Android on the Google Play Store (Apple’s approval is pending).

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KCarl Smith
KCarl Smith

KCarl Smith is the foremost nationally recognized expert, author and speaker on conservative messaging and diversity outreach. His acclaimed book is entitled "Frederick Douglass Republicans: The Movement to Re-Ignite American’s Passion for Liberty", along with the App "Friends of Freedom". As the Founder, President and CEO of LibertyMESSENGER USA, KCarl has led the organization’s efforts since its inception in 2008 to: (1) Champion policies that promote the values of free market enterprise—enabling Americans to pursue their dreams; (2) Empower all people to frame their political narrative in ways that resonate with all Americans—especially minorities, young people and women, by voting their values as articulated by the life-empowering values of Frederick Douglass and (3) Ensure educational opportunity for all students–specifically those attending under-performing, poverty-plighted schools.

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