The Left is certain they are winning the propaganda battle—believing their own lies. As a result, they have convinced themselves that they have done a masterful job in destroying the Conservative brand, using lies to shame Conservatives, falsely accusing us of being racists, Uncle Toms, sellouts and bigots. Conservatives are discredited before they can even speak. Because of Leftist propaganda and no winning Conservative response, the word “conservative” has a racist connotation and it slams the door on the creation of a healthy atmosphere for political discourse. And, the Left believes it.

The Left is pinning the word “conservative” to the current leadership of the Democratic Party to bring them down.

According to an article by David Freedlander, that appeared in Politico Magazine on February 4, 2019, There’s Going to Be a War in the Party. We’re Going to Lean Into It’, the author described Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, John Lewis and the entire Democrat leadership as “conservative” in order to weaken them politically—portraying them as evil, untrustworthy and out of touch.

Does anyone actually believe that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and John Lewis are conservatives? Of course not! The Left realizes that once a person or group is labeled “conservative”, it automatically conjures up hate, hostility and opposition. Many Americans mentally shut down when they think someone is a Conservativenever giving the Conservative point of view any serious thought.

Rush Limbaugh, the Godfather of Conservative Talk Radio, agrees with me. During the third hour of  Wednesday’s show (November 28, 2018), Rush spoke with Kathy from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Discussing the subject of conservative messaging, Rush commented, “… when you’re out and about and if you run into an occasion where you have the opportunity to talk politics, people that don’t agree with you, do not use the word “conservative.” Rush concluded by saying, “Do everything else, but don’t call yourself that, don’t promote it, don’t reference it, just talk about we need to solve problems and tell people how you would do it.”

Albert Einstein reminds us:

So the question is, how should Conservatives identify themselves politically? The answer, “I’m a Frederick Douglass Republican.” This is the most effective name for Conservatives to use to define their political identity—allowing them to trump the race card “pun intended” and talk politics.

The Frederick Douglass Republican (FDR) Engagement Strategy is simple, proven and highly effective for sharing the message of liberty in ways that will resonate with ALL Americans, especially with minorities, young people and women. It defeats the false rhetoric of the Left and crushes their agenda of silencing our voices.

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KCarl Smith
KCarl Smith

KCarl Smith is the foremost nationally recognized expert, author and speaker on conservative messaging and diversity outreach. His acclaimed book is entitled "Frederick Douglass Republicans: The Movement to Re-Ignite American’s Passion for Liberty", along with the App "Friends of Freedom". As the Founder, President and CEO of LibertyMESSENGER USA, KCarl has led the organization’s efforts since its inception in 2008 to: (1) Champion policies that promote the values of free market enterprise—enabling Americans to pursue their dreams; (2) Empower all people to frame their political narrative in ways that resonate with all Americans—especially minorities, young people and women, by voting their values as articulated by the life-empowering values of Frederick Douglass and (3) Ensure educational opportunity for all students–specifically those attending under-performing, poverty-plighted schools.

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