It’s Not About a Political Label. It’s About Voting Your Values.

I’m credited with having coined the word “politico-schizophrenic”, which describes the mental condition of a person that votes in a way that is the total opposite of what he or she believe as a Christian, i.e., voting for a candidate or political party which wants to change God’s divide definition of marriage of one man, one woman. As a politico-schizophrenic, I was easily manipulated to support the political agenda of someone else even though it contradicted my Christian beliefs.

The way I was voting did not match my Christian values. I was living one way and voting another. I was attending church on Sundays, raising “holy hands”, and with those same “holy hands”, on Election Day I would vote the opposite of biblical teachings.

I’ve come to understand that party preference is not what matters most, but whether my vote aligns with my Christian principles.

“Moreover, if you had asked me the question, “Why are you a Democrat?” My answer would have been something along these lines: “I’m a Democrat because of my mother and my father.” “I’m a Democrat because it’s a family tradition.” “I’m a Democrat because I was born a Democrat.” “I’m a Democrat because John F. Kennedy was a president for black folks.” “I’m a Democrat because the Democratic Party is the party for the for the poor and middle class.” “I’m a Democrat because the Democratic Party supported the Civil Rights Movement.” Finally, “I’m a Democrat because that’s all I know.”

My lack of knowing the true history and the current platforms of both political parties (Republican and Democratic) twisted my whole outlook on politics. As a result, others easily persuaded me, and I fell for the deliberate schemes by politicians to deceive me.

This blog is not to tell people how to vote or to get blacks or anyone else, for that matter, to become Republicans. My goal is to enlighten and educate people about their vote. To help them understand that voter apathy is the number killer of liberty. It comes in two forms: (1) Those who do not care enough “to” vote; and more importantly (2) Those who do not care enough about “how” they vote.

I agree with Robert Brown Elliott:

“I am a slave to principles: I call no [political] party master. “

KCarl Smith
KCarl Smith

KCarl Smith is the foremost nationally recognized expert, author and speaker on conservative messaging and diversity outreach. His acclaimed book is entitled "Frederick Douglass Republicans: The Movement to Re-Ignite American’s Passion for Liberty", along with the App "Friends of Freedom". As the Founder, President and CEO of LibertyMESSENGER USA, KCarl has led the organization’s efforts since its inception in 2008 to: (1) Champion policies that promote the values of free market enterprise—enabling Americans to pursue their dreams; (2) Empower all people to frame their political narrative in ways that resonate with all Americans—especially minorities, young people and women, by voting their values as articulated by the life-empowering values of Frederick Douglass and (3) Ensure educational opportunity for all students–specifically those attending under-performing, poverty-plighted schools.

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