Why? Because Liberty is worth a larger investment.

Charter Sponsors are supporters of LibertyMESSENGER USA, who share our passion for liberty, opportunity and fair play for every American. With your donation, you are directly providing the Friends of Freedom with knowledge, confidence, skills and educational resources to advance the cause of liberty to diverse audiences.

Becoming a Charter Sponsor will inspire people, who Frederick Douglass called the "Friends of Freedom" to:

  • Defeat the Left's false rhetoric;
  • Win more minorities, women and young people—broadening the base of the Liberty Movement;
  • Empower and equip liberty-minded Americans to be much more effective in articulating the vision and values of liberty and the importance of a free and prosperous America;
  • Grow a nationwide movement of Frederick Douglass LibertyMESSENGERS;
  • Turn blue states red;
  • Destroy the government dependency mentality;

By partnering with us, we can change America's political landscape  . . .



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