Common Ground

Understanding the Life-Empowering Values™ of Frederick Douglass


Keynote & Seminars

The hearts, minds and lives of these young people in Providence, RI were changed for the better after they learned about the Life-Empowering Values™ of Frederick Douglass.

After a thorough review of Frederick Douglass’ literary works, his core set of values became apparent and we designed a powerful workshop entitled, Common Ground: Understanding the Life-Empowering Values™ of Frederick Douglass.

We refer to Douglass’ 15 tenets of liberty as Life-Empowering Values™. In this workshop you’ll gain valuable insights on how to establish trust and credibility with your target audience and draw upon the universal principles of Douglass to successfully: (1) Re-ignite America’s passion for liberty; (2) Inspire people to adopt a prosperity mindset; and (3) Find the "common ground" with individuals who have a very negative preconceived opinion about Conservatives.

You will leave this seminar with the knowledge and skills to advance the cause of a free society—changing hearts, minds, and lives.

The seminar covers Douglass on:

  • the U.S. Constitution
  • the Limited Power Government
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Economic Prosperity
  • Liberty
  • School Choice
  • Women’s Rights
  • Free Speech
  • Immigration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Technology
  • Religious Freedom
  • Serving Others
  • Wealth Creation
  • Free Market Principles

Frederick Douglass is the "common ground" that unites most Americans

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