As we look to the next generation of citizens and leaders, it’s important that we as a nation have prepared them – and the foundation of that is a quality education.

Our public schools are as diverse as our country and unfortunately don’t always meet each student’s or community’s unique needs. That is why we should expand school choice opportunities across the country.

School choice has many variations, but it essentially empowers parents and students to decide which learning environment will provide them the best education. A shining student shouldn’t be bound to a low-performing school because of their family’s income or in which ZIP code they live.

When we talk about improving our failing schools, solutions should focus on the students, rather than the administrators or teachers. Any government money spent on education should follow the child — not be allocated to a certain district — to ensure they have the resources for the best education possible.

“A rising tide lifts all boats,” and that is definitely true within education. When we increase choice, under-performing schools will have no option but to make changes and improve.

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