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Advancing the Cause of a Free Society


Keynote & Seminars

KCarl teaches freedom activists how to better articulate the message of liberty and the importance of a free society by leveraging Frederick Douglass.

How do you successfully engage Americans, especially minorities and young people, about the importance of a free and prosperous America? How do you find common round, create trust and establish credibility with the majority of Americans? Or, how do you overcome the very negative preconceived opinions some individuals have about Conservatives?

The ANSWER: You must make Frederick Douglass an integral part of your message.

Here's what is covered in INTERACT & IMPACT:

  • How to frame the narrative
  • How to better articulate the importance of a free society and do those things that produce the biggest results (learn the specifics, not the generalities)
  • Four statements you must say to effectively articulate a unifying language of liberty
  • Why is Frederick Douglass the "common ground"
  • LMUSA's proprietary persuasive messaging and engagement strategy
  • And much, much more

Freedom Activists Rave about Frederick Douglass Seminar

Rapture! I'm a Frederick Douglass Republican! Join this movement. Everyone who loves life, liberty, limited government that empowers people's rights - join us. Frederick Douglass was born a slave & died a free statesman. He loved this nation & understood its Constitution. Join the fight for freedom. Become a Frederick Douglass Republican!

Nanette Parratto-Wagner

I am a Frederick Douglass Republican. Truly inspiring program tonight.

Duane Coffey

This was fabulous and I'm now a Frederick Douglass Republican.

Deborah Sumner

Count me in as a Frederick Douglass Republican for Liberty. This is a message I believe in that is also inspirational to everyone.

Bill Barnett

I am a Frederick Douglas Republican—what a great message!

Diana Evans

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