"Help Empower the Friends of Freedom"

What is the LibertyMESSENGER Sponsorship?

LibertyMESSENGER Sponsorship is an excellent way for you to make a positive difference in America's future. Your donation will empower liberty-minded Americans, across the United States, with the knowledge, skills, confidence and educational resources to advance the cause of liberty—sharing a unifying language of liberty in ways that resonates with Americans, especially with minorities.

Becoming a LibertyMESSENGER Sponsor will inspire people, who Frederick Douglass called the "Friends of Freedom" to:

  • Defeat the Left's false rhetoric;
  • Win more minorities, women and young people—broadening the base of the liberty movement;
  • Empower and equip the "Friends of Freedom" to be much more effective in articulating the vision and values of Liberty and the importance of a free and prosperous America;
  • Grow a nationwide movement of Frederick Douglass LibertyMESSENGERS;
  • Turn blue states red;
  • Destroy the government dependency mentality;

Together, we can make a tremendous difference . . .



Until the "Friends of Freedom" can overcome the propaganda attacks of Liberals, the message of liberty and free market principles will never resonate. Why? Because no one will listen to a perceived racist, sellout or Uncle Tom.

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