Frederick Douglass' Rise from Slavery to Prosperity

The Importance of a Free and Prosperous America


Keynote & Seminars

The keynote speaker, KCarl Smith shares Frederick Douglass' entrepreneurial spirit and success philosophy with the student body of Minor High School, Birmingham, AL.

Since 2008, we’ve taken the inspiring story of Frederick Douglass to countless communities—achieving tremendous success. We’ve come to know that the life and writings of Frederick Douglass are the most effective ways to: (1) Transform the mindset of the disadvantaged; (2) Inspire the hearts of teenagers; (3) Unleash the creativity of millennials; (4) Empower ex-felons to achieve the American Drem and (5) Capture the imaginations of all Americans.

Douglass’ success in life undeniably demonstrates the benefits of a free society—enabling him to rise from slavery to prosperity.

In our flagship seminar, Frederick Douglass’ Rise from Slavery to Prosperity: The Importance of a Free and Prosperous America™, we'll cover Frederick Douglass’ eight success principles—showing people that a free society provides the greatest chance for achieving their dreams. Participants will discover why Frederick Douglass is the ideal “principled entrepreneur” and the ultimate American Dream Story.

This workshop will inspire and motivate every participant to embrace the ideals of a free society and take positive action to reach his/her true potential.

The workshop will highlight:

  • How Douglass used education to overcome slavery
  • How Douglass used a disciplined work ethic to succeed in freedom
  • How Douglass used land-ownership to create wealth
  • How Douglass started his own business to help others
  • How Douglass created multiple income streams
  • How Douglass used technology (photography) to remove cultural barriers
  • How Douglass connects with teenagers and millennials
  • How Douglass advanced from slavery to prosperity

Frederick Douglass—The Ultimate Entrepreneur and American Dream Story

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